Backyard Composting -

Backyard composting
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John Roulac
photographs, line drawings

Composting allows you to do something for the part of the Earth you live with day by day: your own back garden. Backyard Composting follows basic values, such as putting things where they belong and not making a mess. Composting at home reduces your personal volume of rubbish, conserves water, increases plant growth, replaces the need for toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and is also fun.

While you may not win an 'environmental hero of the year' award, your trees, earthworms, butterflies and other flora and fauna will be grateful for your composting achievements! Backyard Composting also introduces the various types of composting bins and accessories, explaining the pros and cons of each type, and gives instructions for building one from scrap materials.

With this little book you can learn how easy it is to:
START Discusses all types of composting bins and how to build your own bin from scrap materials.
MAINTAIN Includes easy-to-make ‘hot recipes’, time-saving tips and a troubleshooting chart.
USE Save money by making your own free fertilizer at home from leaves, grass and kitchen scraps.