Composting for All -

Composting for All
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Nicky Scott
22 line drawings

Everyone can compost, whether they have a garden or not. And although more and more people are buying compost bins, they don't always know how to use them properly. This booklet sets out, clearly and simply, all you need to know to ensure success. The other side of the composting equation is: healthy growth for plants of all shapes and sizes. Why resort to shop-based composts usually made from peat? Leave the peat in the peatbogs where it's supposed to be, and divert all the lovely compostable material away from landfill sites!

Composting for All tells you everything you need for successful home composting, including
- beginner's basics
- how to mix organic material into a compost heap
- worm farming
- composting kitchen waste
- community projects |
- heating the heap for fast composting
- tips on sieving.