Desert or Paradise - Restoring Endangered Landscapes Using Water Management, including Lake and Pond Construction

Desert or Paradise
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Sepp Holzer
November 2012
Full colour photographs, illustrations, diagrams

Sepp Holzer is renowned the world over for bringing deserted landscapes back to life using his unique methods of creating water retention basins – in Desert or Paradise he inspires us to look beyond previously tried, tired and failed ‘solutions’ to drought by following his catalogue of successes, furnishing each case study with photographs, illustrations and anecdotes.

These restored or newly-constructed lakes not only reaquify the surrounding landscape to turn back the tide of encroaching desertification, but also support abundant edible landscapes of orchards and crops planted along the bank, and provide freshwater mixed aquacultures.

Desert or Paradise will explain why natural water management is at the centre of any earth restoration, showing us:

  • how to design water retention areas that produce ‘living’ water
  • how to prevent and reverse desertification
  • how to prevent floods and soil erosion
  • how to build nature-inspired dams
  • and much more

Sepp talks us through the importance of animal husbandry in a healthy landscape by spreading seeds, preparing the ground for tree planting, pruning trees and shrubs and foraging, as well as being labourers and companions, and providing meat and other useful products.

Injected with Sepp’s unique style and opinions, Desert or Paradise gives hope to those who see an apparently barren landscape as a failure from which there is no return, to help us move beyond conventional methods which trap us in a cycle of dependence on fertilisers, monocultures and heavy equipment.