Designing & Maintaining Your Edible Landscape -

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Robert Kourik
1986 / 2004
19 col.+ 45 b&w photos 204 drawings, tables+charts

Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally first appeared in 1986, and was a self-publishing success from the very beginning. After eight printings, sales topped 50,000 copies, with national distribution in England, Tasmania and Australia. A true labor of love, four years in the making, this classic and lavishly illustrated text provides a comprehensive look at the tools, techniques and observations that go into making an edible landscape with natural, non-chemical methods. Not surprisingly, it’s as relevant in this millennium as it was in the last. 

The unique information available in this book includes: how to grow food on a bale of hay; no-till gardening which provides yields equal to those of cultivated gardens; how to estimate and use the amount of shade cast by deciduous trees in the winter; scientific studies which dispel many companion-planting myths, (marigolds flunked the test!); how to judge appropriate fertilizer use based only on tree growth, how to use plants to discover soil potential, and much, much more. 

In The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, Richard Nilsen says: “Robert Kourik has produced a classic homemade book in the best sense of the term….massive, detailed, totally indexed, full of charts and graphs...”

From a gardening book forum:
"Designing And Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally," by Robert Kourik is my all time favorite gardening book. Even is you don't have an edible landscape it contains a wealth of information, for landscapes, orchards, and vegetable gardens. Instead of focusing on one particular gardening style, he covers many different schools of thought and practices. Check this one out, I am sure you will enjoy it.
Harvest McCampbell, March 23rd 2009