Ecological Aquaculture - A Sustainable Solution

Ecological Aquaculture: A Sustainable Solution
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Laurence Hutchinson
reprinted 2011
24 line drawings and 17 diagrams

This practical and informative book describes how to create aquaculture systems that are not wasteful or polluting, and are self-sustaining. It focuses on the design and development of natural food chains as a solution to the problems associated with fish farming, and offers a design framework for successful ecological aquaculture in all but the most extreme climates.

While primarily aimed at people with a freshwater resource, Ecological Aquaculture is also a work of groundbreaking ideas and practices for anyone interested in advances in environmental management and aquatic ecosystem enhancement and repair – aquaculturalists, environmental practitioners, farmers and landowners, growers of ornamental pond plants or designers and installers of reed beds for wastewater treatment.

Ecological Aquaculture contains material about environmental project construction that provides useful background information for planning authorities, serves as a reference work for academic research and as a practical guide for conservation programmes, such as the restoration of rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. The book includes two AIDGAP (Aid to Identification in Difficult Groups of Animals and Plants) freshwater identification guides.

“This is an important ‘first’. Aquaculture must become more sustainable and here is how it can be done.” Soil Association