Ecology Begins at Home - using the power of choice

Ecology Begins at Home Using the Power of Choice
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Archie Duncanson

'An essential guide to a low-impact lifestyle' - What on Earth magazine (FoE Scotland) How can we help reduce our planet's pollution? Begin at home! With his positive attitude and 'what-can-I-do' approach, Archie Duncanson takes us on a journey of discovery to find a more sustainable way to live, from reducing rubbish and the use of chemicals, to cooking with almost no energy.
Ecology Begins at Home offers environmentally friendly options?often surprisingly simple?that don?t necessarily require major changes to your lifestyle.
Archie gives hundreds of tips and ideas (some so obvious we wonder why we haven?t thought of them before!) for ways that we can change our habits to live more in harmony with the earth. There's no need to wait for the world's governments to take the initiative. Using the power of choice, we can reduce our share of global pollution, and inspire others to do the same, now!

Archie Duncanson trained as a systems engineer, and after twenty years in industry moved into teaching, translating and writing. He self-published the first edition of Ecology Begins at Home in 1989, giving many talks on the subject over a number of years. Now living in Stockholm, he is an avid gardener who loves to be outdoors.