Getting Started in Your Own Wood

Getting Started in Your Own Wood
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Julian Evans and Will Rolls
April 2015
Line drawings throughout

Owning a small wood or being able to help look after one well has become an increasingly popular subject.

Getting Started in Your Own Wood has all you need to know about the basics. It is written by experts committed to the care and stewardship of our woodland resources and provides practical advice and guidance for those coming to woodland management for the first time.

Getting Started in Your Own Wood is an expanded and updated edition of Julian’s hugely successful Badgers, Beeches and Blisters, first published in 2006 and reprinted four times. Every chapter has been revised, and two new chapters added by Will Rolls, author of The Log Book, on firewood and tree pests and diseases.

This new, much enlarged edition for 2015 is greatly welcomed. Includes:

• Owning or caring for a wood
• First steps
• When you may need permission
• Planting and caring for trees
• Natural regeneration
• Cleaning, pruning, thinning and felling
• Coppicing and pollarding
• Woodland crafts and products
• Firewood and wood to burn
• Enriching the wood for wildlife
• Keeping your wood safe from