Organic Composting Handbook for Beginners

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Robert W Wilson

Natural Tactics and Techniques to Feed your Soil

Help your garden develop naturally!

Whether as a beginner who is always looking to learn more and see how you can incorporate composting into your lifestyle, or you are experienced with composting, this book has everything you need to know.

Written in clear and simple words, it carefully explains what compost is, how it works, how to make it, how it is used and stored, and describes how to add abundant soil to your soil in a manner that is sustainable and affordable that Garden can get.

Gardeners know composting is the best way to feed the soil and turn food scraps into fresh produce, there's no better way to reduce landfill waste and dependence on fossil fuels while nourishing the earth.

Whether you have a large yard, a small space in the garden, or just a balcony, composting can be adapted to suit you and your lifestyle. With a detailed chapter on the benefits of composting.

This organic compost book is the only compost book you need to get started!