Edible Water Gardens: Growing Water Plants for Food and Profit

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Nick Romanowski
2008, reprint 2022
full colour

Reprinted 2022
This book is the first complete guide to what is known of the uses, cultivation and worldwide availability of edible and other commercially important aquatic plants other than seaweeds, which already have an extensive literature of their own. Whether you are a backyard grower or a botanist, a student of horticulture, or of aquaculture, or of agriculture, you will find many ways to make use of the rich lode of information brought together in this book.

Edible Water Gardens is the first complete guide to growing and using edible wetland plants.

Practical and easy-to-use, this book will appeal to many readers, from water gardeners and commercial growers, botanists and plant historians, to students of aquaculture and horticulture in senior college and graduate courses – as well as anyone wanting to create an edible water garden in the backyard.

All plants are arranged in natural ecological groups for easy selection, from deeper waters to the water’s edge.

Edible Water Gardens covers everything you need to know to grow edible plants in and beside the water, including:

  • Every freshwater aquatic and water’s edge plant known to be grown or harvested for food
  • Spectacular ornamentals
  • Ecological requirements, including soils, light, water conditions, zones, natural cycles, oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Underwater ‘landscaping’
  • Growing systems, propagation and fertilisers
  • Other useful and saleable species, from micro-algae and mangroves, pond and aquarium plants, to unusual cut flowers