Regenerative Soil - 2nd Edition: The Science and Solutions

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Matt Powrs
mei 2018, 2e ed. 202
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Regenerative Soil is considered by experts to be the most comprehensive and readable book on soil available for gardeners and farmers alike!!

UPDATED VERSION - New Citations, New Images, New Information, New Microbes, & Newly Edited Regenerative Soil - The Science & Solutions covers soil management, remediation, generation, and the science from the biological, chemistry, and biochemistry perspectives and all connected to the natural farming methods, so we can see and calculate those methods for and at scale in all climates and situations from gardening to farming to large-scale remediation. You'll be able to see the cycles for each nutrient/element and why/how/when of their cycles - it builds a principle-based understanding that allows for improvisation and comprehension across disciplines, methods, and techniques.¿ What's In This Book?A Micro-to-Macro Understanding of Soil & its Relationship to Everything In-Depth, Cutting-Edge Soil Science in Plain Language with Diverse & Well-Researched Citations The Cycles of Soil, Nutrients, Minerals, and Different Climates Regenerative Practices for Soil Management, Creation, & Remediation Soil Chemistry, Biochemistry, Soil Biology, Ecology, Mycology, Permaculture, & Natural Farming Peer-Reviewed & Field-Proven Information Soil is the lynchpin to life as we know it. It's where carbon is stored, where all life comes from and returns, and it's also the living foundation for all life on land and sea. If we want to restore our environment, economy, and health FAST, we have to work with soil and not just in one area, but in ALL areas. We have to make SOIL a permanent part of our culture. REGENERATIVE SOIL is about demystifying soil science and soil's amazing array of solutions, spreading that knowledge and know-how out into the world, and in real-time, restoring contaminated soils and reducing our waste while building healthy living soil, growing amazing and nutrient-dense foods, and becoming healthier day by day, partnering with soil each step of the way. ...BUT Many of us have NO IDEA how to build, remediate, enrich, and manage healthy soils. WHAT ARE THE OTHER BENEFITS?Turn All Your Waste That Can Decompose Into Amazing Soil Reverse Erosion & Heal Degraded Soil Turn Clay, Sand, & Silt Into Rich Chocolaty Loam Absorb & Store Tons of Water = Water Less Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants = Healthy Animals & People Healthy Soils Have Natural Antidepressants In Them Partner with Plants, Microbes, Animals, Machines, & More To Build Soil Save Money, Time, Effort, Pain, & Suffering