Perennial Vegetables - From Artichokes to Zuiki Taro, a Gardener's Guide to Over 100 Delicious, Easy-to-Grow Edibles

Perennial Vegetables
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Eric Toensmeier
full-color photographs, illustrations, recipes

Perennial Vegetables lets you put away your tiller, and covers everything you need to grow, harvest, and eat vegetables and greens that will keep coming back year after year. oby Hemenway, author of Gaia?s Garden Imagine growing vegetables that require the same care as the flowers in your perennial beds and borders?no annual tilling and planting. They thrive and produce abundant and nutritious crops throughout the season.
In Perennial Vegetables, author and plant specialist Eric Toensmeier introduces gardeners to a world of little-known and wholly under-appreciated plants. Ranging beyond the usual suspects (asparagus, rhubarb, and artichoke) to include such minor crops as ground cherry and ramps and the much sought-after, antioxidant-rich wolfberry (also known as goji berries), Toensmeier explains how to raise, tend, harvest, and cook with plants that yield great crops and satisfaction.
Perennial vegetables are perfect as part of an edible landscape plan or permaculture garden. Profiling more than a hundred species, with dozens of colour photographs and illustrations, and filled with valuable growing tips, recipes, and resources, Perennial Vegetables is a groundbreaking and ground-healing book that will open the eyes of gardeners everywhere to the exciting world of edible perennials.

The Author: Eric Toensmeier calls himself a ?socially engaged plant geek?. He has spent much of his adult life exploring edible and otherwise useful plants and how they can be used in designed ecosystems. He is the co-author of Edible Forest Gardens. This is an absolutely fascinating book which will delight any gardener" Patrick Whitefield - Permaculture Magazine"