Roots Demystified - Change Your Gardening Habits To Help Roots Thrive

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Robert Kourik
25 b/w line drawings and 70 diagrams

Gardeners interested in sustainability will find Roots Demystified an invaluable resource. Roots are the key to sustainable gardening and this book offers the key insights to the hidden world below the surface.
Roots Demystified is an outstanding compilation and a distillation of the current information about plant roots. It contains 25 meticulous scale drawings and 70 astonishingly detailed pictures which are an education and delight in themselves. Written with wit and insight, this excellent handbook, from the author of the acclaimed Designing & Maintaining Your Edible Lamdscape, naturally deserves a vital a place on every gardener’s reference shelf.
The roots described are: lawns, shrubs, vegetables, fruit trees, and native and ornamental trees, with soil fertility and irrigation also covered. Guidelines for how a gardener can use this information are offered with each root illustration, along with many more illustrations and discussions.
Kourik has made complicated information easily accessible and this book will make everyone – both beginners and the more advanced – better gardeners.
In the early 1980s Robert Kourik stumbled upon some horticultural gold dust lying on a dusty shelf in the University of California. It was the long-forgotten work of Professor John Weaver, who had meticulously drawn the entire root systems of a number of different plants. The descriptive parts of Roots Demystified make full use of Weaver’s remarkable drawings and are backed up by frequent sections headed ‘Practical tips for gardeners’. All is told in Kourik’s direct and simple style with a rich vein of humour. It’s definitely a book I would recommend to any serious gardener."
Patrick Whitefield, author of The Earth Care Manual"