Transition in Action - Totnes and District 2030, an Energy Descent action plan

Transition in Action
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Jacqi Hodgson & Rob Hopkins

• The first ‘energy descent action plan’ for a community in the UK • An essential guide for Transition activists who want to plan the future for their local communities This is a lively and colourful community-based guide to reducing local dependence on fossil fuels and reducing the local carbon footprint over the next 20 years, a period during which they anticipate changes associated with declining oil supplies and the impacts of climate change to become more apparent.

The Energy Descent Action Plan has been developed by and for the community of Totnes and District, a busy market town and its fifteen encircling parishes, by engaging the community in a creative process of preparing for resilience based on localization with understanding, skills and inner preparation for the anticipated changes and some of the biggest challenges civilisation has ever faced.
At the heart of the EDAP are 15 sections covering key sustainability topics from food production to governance; within each are scenarios of business as usual versus willingness to change proposed with a vision of 2030. It offers a new story of the future, based on a scenario of positive visions and proposes practical pathways of ideas, activities and policy changes across a series of themed timelines to 2030.

The Authors:
Jacqi Hodgson coordinates the Energy Descent Pathways project for Transition Town Totnes that has overseen the production of this EDAP. She is also a local Town Councillor and is very involved in local community activities and projects with a particular interest in planning and land-use.
Rob Hopkins is co-founder of the growing Transition Network and author of the best-selling The Transition Handbook. In June 2009 he won the Observer Ethical Award for Grassroots Campaigner.