You Can Have Your Permaculture & Eat It Too

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Robin Clayfield
April 17, 2017

This is a cookbook for gardeners, a gardening book for cooks, and an inspirational reference for all things permacultural! Permaculture has become increasingly popular as a gardening technique and lifestyle philosophy. Growing our own food and creating nutritious meals free of chemicals and additives appeals to more and more people every year. You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too offers readers design examples, species lists, tips, diagrams, and exercises for designing and creating productive, edible gardens based on permaculture principles.

Beyond the garden, Clayfield also explains how to use your harvest effectively in your kitchen, green your household, and increase your personal economy by earning money from your hobbies. With dozens of diverse, delicious, mostly vegetarian recipes; information on making cosmetics and gifts and crafts from the garden; as well as a primer on permaculture’s environmental principles and ethics, she has created a reference to appeal not only to those new to green living, but to the seasoned organic gardener and permaculturist as well.

Robin Clayfield

Robin Clayfield is an internationally acclaimed facilitator, educator and social change practitioner who regularly facilitates courses in Australia and Europe. She has been facilitating holistic learning programs for individuals, groups and organizations for over three decades. She is an early pioneer of permaculture and is passionate about its practice.