Growing a Permaculture Food Forest

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Caleb Warnock
oct 2017

How to Create a Garden Ecosystem You Only Plant Once But Can Harvest for Years

 Planting your own garden can cut down your grocery bill, but few people have the time to cultivate a big harvest every year. Self-sufficiency expert Caleb Warnock shares his expertise in creating a permaculture food forest: a garden that you plant once and then leave in the hands of Mother Nature for years to come. Best of all, this natural, sustainable, and low-maintanance garden can succeed in any climate, and Growing a Permaculture Food Forest can show you how.

This compact guidebook includes:

Lists of the best flowers & herbs for food forestsWild edibles for food forestsWhat NOT to plantSustainable harvesting, andSo much more!

Seasonal planting and constant weeding are things of the past! With a permaculture food forest, you can feed your family with homegrown vegetables without all the fuss.