The Moneyless Manifesto: Live Well, Live Rich, Live Free

Moneyless Manifesto
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Mark Boyle
November 2012

That we need money to live - like it or not - is a self-evident truism. Right?

Not any more. Drawing on almost three years of experience as The Moneyless Man, ex-businessman Mark Boyle not only demystifies money and the system that binds us to it, he also explains how liberating, easy and enjoyable it is to live with less of it.

In this book, Mark takes us on an exploration that goes deeper into the thinking that pushed him to make the decision to go moneyless, and the philosophy he developed along the way. Bursting with radical new perspectives on some of the vital, yet often unquestioned, pillars of economic theory and what it really means to be 'sustainable' - as well as creative and practical solutions for how we can live more with less - Mark offers us one of the world's most thought-provoking voices on economic and ecological ideas.

Mark's original, witty style will help simplify and diversify your personal economy, freeing you from the invisible ties that limit you, and making you more resilient to financial shocks. The Moneyless Manifesto will enable you to start your journey into a new world.

"Written with passion and outstanding integrity, Mark Boyle's latest book breaks new ground in the field of genuine sustainability. Boyle is living proof that it's not only possible to live without money, but that life is more heart-ful, more real, and infinitely more sustainable."
Manda Scott, Sunday Times bestselling author of Boudica and Rome

"I hope the Chancellor of the Exchequer reads this book. It will open the eyes of bankers, hedge fund managers and financiers who live in the world of make believe."
Satish Kumar, Editor-in-Chief of 'Resurgence & Ecologist

"Read this book to discover how your life can be transformed by a world of qualities where the central values are reciprocity, community and the growth of our humanity and compassion."
Dr Stephan Harding, author of 'Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia' and Head of Holistic Science at Schumacher College.