Compact Living - How to Design Small Interior Space

Compact Living
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Michael Guerra
January 2013
Full colour photographs and diagrams/schematics

Open your eyes to the possibilities of living a compact and low impact urban life.
It is about learning how to live happily with less clutter, and to embrace the joys in life. Most of our society is struggling to pay the bills, whilst chasing the ideal of a 'bigger' lifestyle. Compact Living: how to design small interior space is the perfect antidote to this; teaching us how to make the most of what we already have - through assessing and designing our spaces to suit our needs, as well as future proofing for changes.
This is a book of design solutions for small spaces, ideally suited to the compact urban dwellings in which the majority of us live in the UK, with each chapter providing useful, basic tools for organising an entire house and garden no matter what kind of space you live in.
In an insecure economy, smaller mortgages and less social mobility will be a reality, especially in premium areas of the cities. Compact Living: how to design small interior space is the perfect practical guide for people interested in the Voluntary Simplicity, Tiny Homes and Downsizing movements, and anyone who wants to rationalise the space in which they live in an ergonomic and aesthetic way.
A powerful perspective to anyone who wishes to live with less debt and more freedom!